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ASTUTE Final Conference – Exciting finale to a successful collaboration!


 The ASTUTE Final Conference held in London on 5th December 2008 attracted 100 mobility management stakeholders from across Europe. Its unique format afforded delegates the maximum opportunity to interact with each other, to share best practice and, in doing so, overcome their local barriers to promoting walking, cycling and workplace travel planning.

 The morning session saw Paul Curtis, Project Manager of ASTUTE, give an overview of the many measurable outputs form the project ranging from the hundreds of tones of Co2 saved thanks to the Travel Plans adopted by the Glades Shopping Centre and Dublin, London and Granada City councils, through to the sustained increase in cycling amongst children following specialized training in London and Graz.

Presentations can be downloaded from the News page.

Dr Jillian Anable then gave a presentation on Segmentation approach to achieving modal shift by identifying the target area or "segment" of the population that might be the most or least susceptible to behavioral change. This has become a popular approach in the UK and the concept is one which could easily be transferred across Europe. This proved a perfect example of the case studies contained in the Toolkit, a demonstration of which was given by Paul Curtis, and to which partners are invited to contribute, using the template on the website provided (See News : Traveller Segmentation:A Useful Tool for Mobility Management?)

The toolkit will continue to grow for a number of years as more case studies are added and it will especially be targeted to the New Member States, who will benefit from the translated sections as well as the video case studies which are viewable online.

The remainder of the day took an interactive format on small tables covering some of the most innovative outputs from the ASTUTE project, as well as those further afield, so that all delegates were exposed to as many examples of overcoming barriers as possible.

The final session saw prizes given out to delegates that had the most innovative concepts to promoting walking and cycling!

For further information please contact info@astute-eu.org

Or Paul Curtis +44 207 943 9536

The photos from the ASTUTE Final Conference can be found on the LEPT website: www.lept-eu.org, under the Members Section/ Photo Library/ LEPT Events/ ASTUTE Final Conference - 5th December 2008